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Terms And Conditions

Ekayana Travel is a trademark of Ekayana Travel Private Limited, incorporated in New Delhi as a Tour Operator. The website www.ekayana-travel.com is owned and operated by Ekayana Travel Private Limited.

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before you commit to a reservation with Ekayana Travel.

  1. Trip reservation / subscription
  2. Payment
  3. Travel Documents Delivery
  4. Tailor-made tours: modification requested by the customer
  5. Amendments by Ekayana Travel
  6. Cancellation and Refunds
  7. Liability
  8. Claims
  9. Disclaimer
  10. Intellectual Property

1. Trip reservation/subscription

How to ask for a quotation

To book a tailor-made or organized tour, the customer must contact Ekayana Travel by email or telephone. The customer will receive a proposal describing the tour description, package inclusions and exclusions, net price and payment terms.

The customer is encouraged to ask for changes in the proposal if it doesn’t meet his/her requirements or budget. He/she must also ask for any clarification if necessary, to avoid misunderstandings.

How to book

Upon accepting the proposal, the customer will be asked:

  • to email each passenger’s passport copy and provide his/her identification and contact details.
  • to pay a down payment. In case payment is done by a third party by credit card, the credit card holder must also send an id proof.
  • to email the passengers’ arrival and departure flight details.

One invoice will be sent or uploaded online to each paying passenger.

The subscription to a trip is valid after Ekayana Travel has received an advance deposit. The payment must be finalized on or before due date.

Physical ability

The traveler must check whether he or she is physically able to undertake the intended trip, especially for mountain expeditions and treks.

Upon reservation the customer must inform about any diet preferences or disability requiring special attention, so that Ekayana Travel can adjust the reservation accordingly, as far as possible.

Legal and health requirements

The customer must check the legal and health requirements before traveling to India. Passengers must carry a valid passport with a visa delivered before departure by the Indian Embassy of their country of residence: currently only a very limited number of persons are entitled to visa on arrival in India.

2. Payment


Tariffs in advertising materials and in this website are displayed for your information only. The actual price of the trip is mentioned in the agreement issued in the customer’s name by Ekayana Travel. It can exceptionally be revised up in the event of variation of costs after the booking (fuel cost, local taxes…). In case of important fluctuations in exchange rates, the price quoted in a foreign currency (EUR, USD…) might also be revised up. The customer would immediately be informed.

Methods of payment

Remote payment: interbank transfer or online payment by credit or debit card.

Payment in Delhi office: cash, credit card and Traveler’s cheques (currencies: EUR, USD or INR).

The online payment gateway for Visa, MasterCard and American Express is secured by Stripe and Razorpay, therefore Ekayana Travel cannot access any confidential financial information about its customers.

Exchange rate and transaction fees

Applicable exchange rate will be as on the day of transaction.

The customer is requested to bear all costs for interbank transfers (option OUR).

No extra fees are levied by Ekayana Travel for credit card payments. However, in case of foreign credit cards, the customer might notice a discrepancy between the billed amount and the amount actually debited from his account. This would be the result of fees levied by his/her own bank for international transactions, for which Ekayana Travel shall not be liable.

In case of discrepancy between the billed amount and the amount actually received by Ekayana Travel, we reserve the right to ask the customer to pay the difference.

3. Travel Documents Delivery

Before the trip starts, the customer will receive a firm booking confirmation, mentioning the name and contact details of the hotels, train and flight timings, etc.

Travel documents are delivered upon receipt of full payment.

They are directly handed over by Ekayana Travel or its appointees (guides, drivers…), otherwise sent by email.

If required, the documents will be couriered to the customer in India or in his/her country (and a notification will be emailed to the customer). In case the documents are not received in time, the customer has to inform Ekayana Travel as soon as possible so that Ekayana Travel can arrange duplicate documents.

4. Modification requested by the customer

Amendments or modifications of tour

Before and during the tour, the customer can ask for changes in his program, for all or part of the tour booked. Ekayana Travel will check whether the changes are feasible and will estimate possible additional charges. If the customer agrees with the conditions, Ekayana Travel will quickly proceed with the changes.

Modification of travelers’ number

In case some travelers withdraw from a group, they will be refunded the amount paid as described in the “cancellation” section, provided that the trip costs do not rise for the remaining travelers. Otherwise, the hike in trip costs resulting from the cancellation of some passengers from a group must be borne by the passengers cancelling their booking (so that the remaining confirmed passengers will not be affected).

In case new travelers want to join the trip, Ekayana Travel will check if services are still available for booking and will reconfirm the final price.

5. Amendments by Ekayana Travel

If some services included in the price are not available at the time of booking (such as sold out flight or hotel), Ekayana Travel will look for equivalent alternative solutions and inform the customer. If some solutions cost additional charges, Ekayana Travel will also reconfirm with the customer before booking.

Please read carefully our Liability section below. In case of changes beyond Ekayana Travel’ responsibility, Ekayana Travel will provide all assistance required and will endeavour to minimize any inconvenience, but cannot however offer any compensation. Any additional charge which should result from such changes would be payable by the customer only.

for example, if a train is cancelled at the last minute, Ekayana Travel will make necessary arrangements (hotel booking & transportation as required) but the cost must be borne by the customer. In cases of emergency Ekayana Travel may arrange an advance payment on behalf of the customer, who will be requred to pay back to Ekayana Travel before the end of the trip.

6. Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation Deadlines: if the customer cancels his trip:
  • more than 60 days in advance, Ekayana Travel will refund the whole amount paid, deducting a placement fee and all non-refundable expenses which might have incurred for the trip (issued flight ticket for example).
  • from 31 to 60 days prior to the trip, Ekayana Travel can require the payment of 50% of the total price, or more if necessary to cover non-refundable expenses already incurred.
  • 30 days or less prior to the trip, Ekayana Travel can keep all or part of the total price, and can require payment of unpaid balance.
Methods of payment (for refunds):

for payments done by credit cards: the refund will be credited on your credit card. It might take up to ten working days.

for payments done by cash or bank transfers: the refund will be handed over by cash or transfer, depending on whether the customer is still in India or not. In case of transfer, please note that it might take some times due to the formalities which are required to transfer funds out of India.

7. Liability

The Company cannot always control or prevent changes implemented by their suppliers. Ekayana Travel is not liable for amendment or cancellation of services by an airline, a railway or a boat transporter. Should a scheduled change occur Ekayana Travel will endeavour to minimize any inconvenience, but cannot however offer any compensation. Any additional charge which should result from such changes would be payable by the customer only.

If Ekayana Travel has to modify or interrupt a trip for legitimate reasons (of safety, security, weather or any other case of force majeure), the customer cannot claim for compensation of unused services.

8. Claims

Any complaint regarding the trip must be notified immediately to Ekayana Travel by phone, so that the company can bring a solution to the problem. After the trip, claims can be sent by email and will be handled personally.

Ekayana Travel is subject to Indian laws and to the jurisdiction of New Delhi.

9. Disclaimer

Information contained on this website is provided in good faith, but Ekayana Travel makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of the site, the information, the content, materials or products included on this website. Except to the extent as provided by applicable law, Ekayana Travel disclaims all responsibility as to the information, content, materials or products arising from the use of this site, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise.

10. Intellectual Property

The content of this website and of all documents generated by Ekayana Travel Private Limited including texts, trademark, designs, files and arrangements are the intellectual property of their author Marie-Chanel Gillier and cannot be used or reproduced without her explicit consent.